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Reyes Winery on Main Is The Perfect Spot To Enjoy Wine And Exclusively Cooked Cuisine In Santa Clarita

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Glasses of Red Wine

Robert Reyes is the brilliant founder of Reyes Winery as he found his passion for art and wine to be the perfect mix to start a wine business. 

Robert Reyes started the winery business on a small vineyard with the intention of making wine for his family, but eventually, with his degree in business, he started Reyes Winery. 

Reyes Winery grows their vineyard in a 16-acre plot of land which grows all kinds of grape varieties including, Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot, Syrah, Chardonnay and Muscat. 

Customers can enjoy delicious wine on the rooftop tasting room, where people can enjoy delicious wine with breathtaking views.

The best part about Reyes Winery is that it is also a restaurant. Reyes Winery in Santa Clarita makes exquisite cuisine for brunch, lunch and dinner.

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In their brunch menu, they include a vegan option, the delicious avocado toast made with any two eggs and salmon. They also include mouth watering steak, lobster and chicken waffle sandwiches.

Reyes Winery also includes a lunch menu which consists of their signature sandwiches and burgers like the tasty cuban sandwich and the original Reyes burger. On the lighter side of the menu are the salads and soups which include the house and Caesar salad and delicious tortilla soup. 

Robert Reyes makes sure to incorporate food from his home country, the Dominican Republic, in his menu as a personal touch so people will enjoy traditional food with his tasty wine.

On the dinner menu, though also served all day, is the wide variety of entrees. To start off with are their signature appetizers, hummus, oysters and their famous gourmet charcuterie board consisting of meat, fruits and nuts.

In addition to their traditional soups and salads Reyes Winery also provides mouth watering seafood including shrimp, scallops, salmon and lobster.

Reyes Winery also hosts events such as live music, “cigar nights,” and comedy nights as well, so people can enjoy entertainment while tasting delicious wine. 

Reyes Winery on Main in Santa Clarita is the perfect wine tasting restaurant to enjoy wonderfully aged wine and delectable cuisine. 

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