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Enjoy The Riveting Combination Of Delicious Entrees And Rich Wine Tasting

by Reyes Winery on Main
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Reyes Winery on Main is the best rooftop tasting room and restaurant in Santa Clarita where guests can enjoy the riveting combination of delicious entrees and rich wine tasting. 

Reyes Winery on Main was founded by Robert Reyes and his family with a small vineyard which was eventually expanded to a 16-acre vineyard. 

Robert Reyes always had a passion for wine and art, so he combined his interests to begin his journey in Reyes Winery. 

Robert Reyes used his previous experience in the real estate business and his Masters in Business and Administration to launch his new business. 

Reyes Winery on Main grew from a small family business to a commercial business that ships to many places along southern California.

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Reyes Winery has become a very accomplished winery, winning 256 medals as of 2020. 

Robert Reyes opens his rooftop tasting room on weekends where he auctions his artwork as well. 

With great success has come great generosity, and Reyes is proud to donate to charities not only just in the United States but in the Dominican Republic as well. 

On their 16 acre vineyard, Reyes Winery cultivates a wide selection of Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot, Syrah, Chardonnay, and Muscat. Reyes Winery has also procured Roses. 

Reyes Winery on main features a delicious and diverse menu selection, including foods native to the Dominican Republic and the United States. 

There is a brunch menu where guests can enjoy lobster, steak, toast burritos and sandwiches. The lunch menu is similar, however it also has the option of appetizers and salads and soups. 

Reyes Winery has a wonderful selection of entrees on the dinner menu which can include appetizers, salads, soups, sandwiches, burgers and fresh seafood. 

Reyes Winery on Main in Santa Clarita has a fresh selection of seafood that includes scallops, shrimp, lobster and salmon.

The dinner menu also consists of vegan options like the cauliflower steak and vegetable sandwich.

Reyes Winery on main not only offers delicious wine and food but entertainment as well. Depending on the day, Reyes Winery holds live music, comedy shows and cigar nights where guests can enjoy classic entertainment with their meal. 

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